Interreg V-A Co-operation Programme “Italy – Switzerland 2014-2020”

Project “Air Quality in School Buildings– QAES” (ID no. 613474)

CUP D55C18000040002

Summary description of project

QAES – Developing new standards for improving the quality of the air and indoor environment of schools. The project addresses the problem of the poor quality of the air and indoor environment in school buildings and the associated impact on health and learning capacity.

Project duration: 29.01.2019-28.01.2022

Extended description of project

The project aims to develop the technical culture for improving air quality (IAQ) in schools.

It involves the development of technological solutions that have a low architectural impact and a methodological approach to classify, design, realise, measure and manage IAQ conditions.

The overall aim is to solve the problem of poor air quality in school buildings; students spend much of their time there, in turn affecting their health and learning ability.

The partners will develop solutions and methodologies in co-operation with enterprises in the cross-border area, e.g. mechanical ventilation installers, window fitters, management system specialists (ICT), indoor material manufacturers and distributors, design offices focused on IAQ.

The project includes campaigns of action (before and after remediation demonstrations) as well as the development of guidelines for the design and management of IAQ in schools in support of designers, contractors, site managers and users.

The expected impacts will mean a significant increase in business opportunities in the cross-border area and a development of know-how in promoting IAQ in buildings, particularly in schools.

Such cross-border collaboration will permit analysis and comparison between different operations so as to obtain knowledge aimed at the regulatory and economic development of this sector.

  • WP1 Co-ordination and management
  • WP2 Communication and dissemination
  • WP3 Survey of state-of-the-art and of market
  • WP4 Measuring and monitoring
  • WP5 Development and implementation of solutions