Covid Add-on Module (MAC)

The Covid Add-on Module (MAC) integrates optimally into the objectives of the QAES project insofar as it deals with the further methodological, analytical and preventive aspects required for improving indoor air quality (IAQ) in school buildings during the pandemic. Although some of the solutions and good practices developed under QAES now provide a good starting point, the add-on module permits an even more detailed analysis of the methods and technical or technological solutions that can be used in school buildings to contain the spread of the virus.
As with QAES, this approach is an opportunity to develop new skills and business opportunities in the participating areas. The QAES add-on module includes analyses, research and experiments, the involvement of the corporate world, information, training and dissemination of know-how, as described in more detail in the following point.


  • Technical and administrative management of add-on module (MAC)

  • Analysis of literature and scientific publications on COVID

  • Analysis of products, tests and company reports with reference to infection reduction strategies

  • Definition of operational log

  • Verification of effectiveness of surface cleaning (flooring, school furniture)

  • Evaluation of correct hand hygiene via microbiological measurements

  • Evaluation of ventilation strategies and their effects on air exchange rate

  • Analysis of low-cost instruments for CO2 measurement as a strategy for increasing ventilation in classrooms

  • Analysis of effects of masks on concentrations of re-inhaled CO2

  • Recommendations on building management for anti-COVID log

  • Modelling methods for analysis of spreading of and exposure to biological contaminants via aerosols and droplets

  • Low-cost monitoring of CO2 concentrations

  • Expansion of website with section on Covid module

  • Training courses

  • Information event with enterprises